• Please use our street address as our PO Box has closed.
  • Please update all automatic payments & Bill Pay accounts

E-Mail Fraud Alert

If you receive unsolicited or unfamiliar email requests you should either delete them immediately or confirm through other means that the email is legitimate before opening it. If you receive such an email request, do not open it, do not click on its links, do not open its attachments and do not reply or forward it.

Debit Card Fraud Alert

Frequently check your account activity for possible unauthorized transactions and immediately report any such occurrences to us.

Beware of Identity Theft & Scams

Stay Secure… Help us protect your financial information. Reconcile your bank and credit card statements monthly. Keep your personal information safe and secure. Shred personal and financial information before you discard it. Immediately report any lost or stolen information and any discrepancies on your statements.

Please remember, Rockland Savings Bank will never contact you to request your personal account information. If you receive a request by telephone, letter, email or text messaging for your personal information, account numbers, PIN or passwords, do not give out that information. To verify whether a request is legitimate, call your bank using phone numbers from your bank statements. Do not call back using a number provided by the requester or click on a link in an email.

Warning to our customers about phony telephone calls and automated messages (robocalls) that claim to be from Rockland Savings Bank. This fraudulent activity known as “vishing” attempts to acquire sensitive information, such as account numbers, passwords or PIN numbers, for use in accessing financial accounts. Non-bank customers may also receive these calls. These “vishing” scammers have only phone numbers and geographic information. They do not have your personal financial information! It is very difficult for legal authorities to monitor or trace Vishing. We want to remind our customers: DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE OR RELEASE YOUR INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET!

Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks bearing our name are in circulation

If you receive a suspicious letter/check in the mail from an unknown person or company, it’s probably a check scam. Unfortunately, if you deposit the check into your bank account, the check will be returned as a fraudulent item and you will be required to repay your bank for the amount of the check. To verify whether a check is legitimate, contact the bank before you deposit the check into your account.

If you have been a victim of identity theft or a scam, file a complaint with local law enforcement and contact your financial institution.